Building a good relationship with your tenants can be challenging. It hinges on personality and cultivating common ground. Sometimes, an effort is necessary to create a good landlord-tenant relationship.

As a Phoenix rental property owner, you want a great relationship with your tenants. At Taylor Street Property Management, we make rental management easier and ensure that a healthy connection is maintained with your renters.

Here are things you can consider to create solid relationships with your Phoenix tenants:

1. Take time to talk to your tenant about your vision and values

Communicating with your Phoenix tenants means that you consider them a necessary part of accomplishing your vision. In return, you want to create better ways to serve your renters and speak to them frequently to find out their needs.

You should also share your decisions so the tenants trust you more, as this can lead to loyalty.

2. Be open and communicate expectations at the outset

When communicating, present your expectations to your Phoenix tenants. It’s much better to be open and transparent. When screening prospects for your rental unit, assess their ability to make timely payments.

Regular communication is also essential so you’ll find out more about your tenants’ goals and plans.

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This allows you to find more ways to better serve them and provide solutions to their property issues.

3. Avoid limiting yourself to a single communication channel

It’s good management practice to use various channels to communicate critical information to your Phoenix tenants. Just depending on email can make renters miss important policies or deadlines, which can create conflicts. Call up or stop by a renter’s unit.

This can be a great opportunity to enhance your rapport with them.

4. Schedule regular property visits

Once you’ve selected the right tenants for your Phoenix rental home, your work doesn’t stop there. You need to take time to schedule routine visits. Taking time to interact in person is a great management practice. It also lets you inspect the property while visiting. A quick check may let you catch something, such as minor damages, that you can arrange to fix.

This creates goodwill with your tenants and makes them feel as though you’re an attentive landlord.

5. Consider your Phoenix tenants as your customers

Prioritize your tenants and never forget to treat them as your customers. If you neglect to be responsive to their needs, they might choose to rent somewhere else. Being respectful builds trust and can ensure a happy long-term landlord-tenant relationship.

This may sound simple, but laying this groundwork will prove to be beneficial for both property owners and renters.

6. Take time to learn the business your tenants are focusing on

It’s always good to be alert to changes and you can accomplish this better when you understand the business of your Phoenix tenants. You’ll be able to tell if there are challenges to navigate, especially when it comes to rental payments.

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You want to be prepared for vacancies and this is made possible when you know the business your tenants are in.

7. Pay respect to the renter’s home

Although you own the property, tenants are paying you to reside in it. It’s a private space for them. As a landlord, you need to keep this in mind. Allow your renters to have quiet enjoyment of their home and avoid surprise visits. Don’t pry or touch their belongings when doing property inspections.

8. Focus on a service mindset

Since you’re providing a service to your renters, it’s good to keep thinking about their needs and discover ways for solutions. You want to encourage your Phoenix tenants to stay longer and renew their leases every time, so making improvements that let them enjoy residing in your rental space is crucial.

9. Be firm and empathetic

Going to one extreme or another is rarely a good thing. If you’re too strict, this can intimidate renters. If you’re too kind, you can be taken advantage of. Place boundaries between your Phoenix tenants and yourself so that when it’s time to enforce policies, you can still maintain your authority without sacrificing empathy. Balance is essential.

10. Perform consistent property updates

Step in your tenants’ shoes and ask yourself whether you’d want to live in your Phoenix rental unit. Always work on property improvements to stand out from your competitors.

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This encourages renters to stay longer since they know you’re focusing on their needs. By taking care of the rental home, you’re also taking care of your renters.

11. Adopt a responsive attitude

Trust is built brick by brick. You can achieve this by being available to your Phoenix tenants. Although not all requests can be supported, responding quickly is a must. This sets the tone and creates a firm foundation for your relationship with your tenants.

12. Invest in tech for convenience

Technology makes things efficient and provides ease to your renters. Investing in technological improvements - such as the ability to submit tenant maintenance requests online without needing to make calls, as well as paying rent online and skipping bank trips or office visits to pay rent - can save time for both you and your tenants.

It’s best to invest in tech to make rental operations seamless!

13. Open a tenant portal

A lot of things are now done online, from ordering food to booking a taxi. This extends to property management, too. Communication has moved online since people can lack the time for in-person interactions. This is why tenant portals are needed.

Being able to communicate easily with management, pay the rent, view important financial reports, or submit maintenance requests online is hassle-free.

Bottom line

These landlord tips help you serve your Phoenix tenants better and build loyalty. Some may appear simple but doing them on a regular basis leads to cultivating trust. This can result in happiness and when tenants are happy, they’re likely to stay longer. Having long-term renters provides you with steady earnings, helping your reach your investment goals.

For questions regarding your Phoenix, Arizona rental and all your property management needs, contact Taylor Street Property Management.