Marketing your rental is an essential job every property owner should take seriously. You may have the best rental property in the neighborhood but with minimal advertising, reaching prospects would be a challenge.

Knowing how to advertise the unit can capture more potential tenants' attention. The more prospects show interest, the greater the possibility of landing great tenants.

Here are recommended tips to advertise your Phoenix rental home:

Improve the Quality of Your Listing’s Photos

A high-quality photo of your property could go a long way in attracting potential renters. When presented with images in property listings, prospects can’t resist viewing them. Listings with photos often steal more attention than those that don’t have any.

Potential tenants are always paying attention to images of rental homes while considering which ones are suitable to their taste and budget. To succeed in getting them to fill out an application, it's imperative to make an effort in taking and selecting your photos. Otherwise, your advertisement won’t be as effective as you want.

Here are some things to consider when taking promotional photos of your rentals:

Start by Staging and Preparing Your Rental

Clean up your property and ensure there’s zero clutter lying around. Make the rooms appealing. Present an attractive curb appeal. Your Phoenix rental must look comfortable and inviting inside and out, thus building the prospects’ desire to live there.

staging property for photos

Capture the Right Angles

It’s all very well to stage the property and maximize good lighting. However, your photographs become more powerful when you can capture the best angles of your Phoenix rental home. Strive for a natural look as much as possible. Your objective is for the audience to obtain the perfect and accurate view of your property.

Use Good Lighting when Filming or Photographing

It’s advisable to shoot during the daytime. If the weather is uncooperative, you can also install the right lighting when filming. Good lighting makes for clear images.

Additional things property owners should consider include:
Preparing a photography shot list. Having a list is handy to avoid forgetting vital parts of the property that need to be showcased.

Using a good camera for better resolution. High-resolution photos tend to have sharper details that viewers appreciate.

Produce Engaging Copy

Photos can only do so much. They can ignite the interest of viewers but you still need to come up with charming descriptions. Enticing a potential renter starts with effective storytelling. Pair it with effective SEO and you’re bound to capture high-quality prospects for your Phoenix rental home.

For your copy to entice potential tenants, you need to zoom in on the headline and the summary description. Here are some things to consider:

writing headlines and ad copy

Formulating Headlines

Headlines are statements that work to grab the interest of a prospect. If it’s done well, a potential tenant will want to book a property tour. A lot hinges on your headline since plenty of people will decide to continue reading or skip the listing based on your headline.

It’s best to follow a formula when writing the headline for your Phoenix rental home. You should start in this order:

  • State the rent rate
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Property type
  • Location
  • Best property features

Writing your Phoenix rental’s headline using this formula would look like this; “$3,000 2-bedroom 2-bathroom condo unit in Phoenix with a parking lot.”

This headline lets potential tenants know if the available rental meets their needs. The rental rate, location, and the number of rooms will inform them whether they can afford to rent the unit monthly and if it’s the size they want.

Crafting a Description

The next thing to focus on is writing the summary as it gives you a chance to write a story and merge the headline with your property’s images.

State the amenities and best features prospects can get out of your investment property. Don’t limit yourself to your property. You can also talk about the neighborhood to provide people with more information.

marketing your rental properties

You can also list your policies and restrictions at this stage, like if your rental home doesn’t accommodate pets or if you have specific communication rules. Talk about additional amenities such as parking spaces, gyms, and recreation centers available in the community during this time as well. By being upfront, you can filter the right renters interested in your rental space.

Effective Ad Distribution

Even with the best photos and descriptions available for your Phoenix rental home, you still need to plan the distribution of your ad accordingly. Use websites that are popular and avoid limiting yourself to online advertising. Yard signs and word of mouth can be early as impactful.

The more marketing outlets you use, the more interesting prospects you can attract. Utilize flyers, yard signs, newspaper ads, and online posts. Identify your demographics, for instance, if they’re more tech-savvy, you can increase online marketing.

In addition to this, you should conduct ad monitoring and updating. When your property listing is up, constant monitoring must be practiced. Regularly update it too so your advertisement won’t fall to the wayside. You want to maintain the interest of prospective renters for your rental home.

platforms to market rentals

Some even spend more to boost their ads. This is an effective way of raising the exposure of your property marketing. This may require investment on your part but consider the results especially if you have plenty of competition in your area.

Bottom Line

Having a fantastic Phoenix rental property still requires effective advertisement. Your property’s photos should be stunning and your listing copy compelling. The proper platforms for your ad should also be strategically planned for more positive results.

Should you need help in marketing your Phoenix rental home, don’t hesitate to call Taylor Street Property Management for professional support! Our team of managers will gladly answer any questions you may have.