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If you’re looking for a professional property manager then Taylor Street Property Management is here to help. We guarantee placement of quality tenants, fill rental vacancies quickly and 99% of our tenants pay on time. We also offer flexible contracts. And so much more!

It’s for these reasons that Taylor Street Property Management has become the go-to option for property owners looking for professional help in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

As seasoned property managers, we understand the daunting process of investing in a property and managing it. Therefore, we come fully equipped to deal with a wide array of capital assets and investment opportunities.

Hiring us means hiring a property management company that has your best interests at heart. We’ll help you rent your property out to the best tenant possible, maintain your Scottsdale property through regular inspections, collect rent on time, every time, and so much more.

Our property management services are comprehensive and designed to meet whatever need you may have. With our decades of experience, nothing can go wrong at your property when we’re in charge.

To learn more, get in touch with us now by calling (602) 603-9777. You can also send us an email at info@taylorstmgmt.com. We’ll be more than happy to assist in any way we can!


Our Property Management Services

Taylor Street Property Management is a proven and trusted property management company. We maintain active memberships with companies such as Equal Housing Opportunity, National Apartment Association, Arizona Realtors, Realtor, and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Our services are customizable and based on your property portfolio and tenants’ needs. Get in touch with us to get started!

1. Property Marketing

Have you just bought your first Scottsdale rental property and don’t know where to start? Have you been self-managing your property and are finding it difficult to fill the vacancy left by the tenant? Or, have you simply expanded your investment portfolio and don’t have adequate time to market your properties?

Whatever the issue, Taylor Street Property Management can help. We’ll go above and beyond industry standards to ensure your rental properties get new tenants quickly.

Our rental listings are designed to be as effective and enticing as possible. Among other things, we’ll market your rental property using quality photos and videos to attract and retain desirable tenants.

2. Rental Analysis

Do you want to know the earning potential of your Scottsdale rental property? At Taylor Street Property Management, we have the tools to help you determine the Goldilocks’ rental price. In other words, we can help you price your rental perfectly.

A perfect rental price means that it will be able to meet two goals, it’ll help you maximize your monthly rental income and keep your property competitive.

Best of all, our rental analysis is free for our clients!

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3. Vetting Process

All landlords have one wish to rent to the right tenants. At Taylor Street Property Management, we work with you to help you achieve this goal.

Our tenant vetting process is arguably one of the strictest in the industry. It’s designed to ensure you don’t rent to tenants with:
• Bad credit
• Bad rental histories, for example, lease violations or breaking the lease early
• Who don’t have stable employment
• Who have a criminal past

To secure reliable tenants, we check and verify their income and credit rating. In addition, we also call the tenant’s previous landlords and employers to learn more about them.

Doing this ensures the placement of quality tenants, we guarantee it!

4. Property Maintenance

Taylor Street Property Management understands the importance of being responsive to maintenance issues.

An experiences and dedicated team of skilled handymen assist us in maintaining our clients’ rentals. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to tenant maintenance issues.

On top of responding to emergency situations, our team also helps with routine upkeep maintenance.

Our goal is to ensure your tenants are happy renting your Scottsdale rental property.

5. Rent Collection

Among other rent payment options, our tenants have an online option. After signing the lease, we give each of our tenant’s access to an online portal where they can pay their monthly rent.

The portal is safe and convenient for tenants. What’s more, it allows them to automate rent payments, which helps minimize issues of late or missed payments. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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6. Financial Reporting

Taylor Street Property Management is a trustworthy and transparent property management company and we owe it to our clients to keep them informed on all financial matters regarding their investment.

As such, expect real-time access to financial reports and statements via our leading cloud-based financial reporting system.

About Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a city in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona. It’s home to over 265,000 people, which makes it the 5th largest city in Arizona.

The city of Scottsdale has also racked up many accolades for its good quality of living. This is in part thanks to its country club living, trendy night clubs, designer golf courses, art galleries, shopping locals, amazing restaurants, and resorts and spas.
- Source Wikipedia

Areas We Service

Our commitment to offering our customers quality property management services has allowed Taylor Street Property Management to continue expanding its reach.

We service the following areas in Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and Peoria.