Thanks to modern technology, property owners can now successfully promote their properties in many more ways than just an open house. To begin with, you don’t have to rearrange your schedule to make time for a home showing and compared to individual viewings, virtual tours address a much wider audience.

Making a virtual tour of your home may seem like a challenge, especially if you've never done it before. But an effective video can make the difference between finding a new tenant and the property remaining empty for a long time, making your marketing a success.

We at Taylor Street Property Management offer you this guide to help you plan and execute this video tour and draw in a new crowd of prospects.

Plan Your Route

Part of creating a successful property tour is preparing your path before shooting the video. So, when you are filing the route, you walk confidently and are conscious of the areas you need to emphasize.
If you plan to talk in the video, prepare a script early. The most crucial thing is to maintain a seamless transition from one area to the next.

Take note of the rhythm of your film while you select your route, for example. After starting with the exteriors, the film should then go inside. Potential tenants value how nice the exterior of the property is so showing off the entrance strategy might pique their curiosity.

property staging

Stage the Property

Furnished rooms appear more inviting, allowing your viewers to see themselves living in your property. So, stage the property by keeping your rental spotless to draw in viewers. To do this, declutter, clean up, and get rid of any mess.
It is also important to keep the content of the video clear and concise, the tour should showcase the property and nothing more.

Emphasize Your Unique Features

Is your house vintage, contemporary, or the creation of a renowned architect? What types of facilities do you offer?

Great prospects take these variables into account while considering where to live. In your video tour, be sure to highlight these qualities.

Some of the most sought-after amenities are parking spots, storage areas, and stainless-steel appliances. Make sure to draw attention to these amenities in your video tour, if your unit has them. Always bear in mind the advantages that your rental home offers prospective tenants.

If the unit has been refurbished, describe the improvements. The location of your home itself can serve as a subject of interest. More specifics regarding its proximity to parks, schools, and other crucial amenities can also really help a prospect to sign.

property lighting

Light the Property

Natural light brighter than artificial light, which makes your video tour more appealing. Both your video tour and high-quality pictures of your rental depend on good lighting. Preferably you should shoot your tour an hour before or after dusk.

Draw the curtains back and widen the windows to allow lighter. Record a variety of information and give yourself ample time to showcase the rental unit's true essence. With proper lighting, the spaces will appear larger and more attractive to your viewers.

Be Succinct and Direct

Although it is enticing, it may not be a good idea to make the property footage as lengthy as possible. Avoid being a prey of boredom. Shortened videos are more desirable. Additionally, it makes it easy for viewers to fast-forward and zoom in on the particular video segment they would like to see.

In order to showcase the property, make your tour at least 2 - 4 minutes long. You should be capable of making it seem as though the entire footage was filmed in one take due to the length of the piece.

Film an Intro and Outro

Just like a description provides context to your ad, people will be more likely to recognize you and your property if you include an opening and closing to the video. It won't take more than a few seconds. During this time, give information like your business's website, email address and where they can contact you.

Always use a professional contact information to protect your privacy. This will prevent you from disclosing private information and allow you to maintain a separation between your personal and work lives.

landscape mode

Use Landscape Mode

For your tour to be clear, you should shoot in widescreen. This is essential in a property photo because you want the viewer to have a perspective of the arrangement. In the shortest period of time, you want to learn as much as you can about each space.

Recording a video in landscape mode gives your perspective and presentation that is more accurate in terms of size and arrangement. Using the landscape format also helps you get a greater sense of the property.

Bottom Line

Do you own a property and need expert property management services in Phoenix, Arizona? You may develop and increase the yield on your investment properties with the aid of Taylor Street Property Management.

We can meet all of your property management demands thanks to our expertise, resources, and reliable contacts. We have all the knowledge you could possibly need to succeed as a property owner.

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