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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Mesa, AZ? If you are, then consider Taylor Street Property Management!

We at Taylor Street Property Management are a trusted and professional property management company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer our clients a complete and extensive list of property management services. Given that self-managing can lead to burnout, hiring a property management team to do the necessary responsibilities for you is a wise move.

With our full support and dedication, you’ll feel protected knowing our procedures are aligned with Arizona’s landlord-tenant laws. We also unitlise our real estate and management skills to ensure that your Mesa property is maintained at a supreme level. We quickly tend to every property issue, however minor to ensure your peace of mind.

Moreover, we respond to all issues that a tenant brings to us. We’ll help get your Mesa property rent-ready and set it up for the new tenant to move in. If you have vacancies in your Mesa rental property, your property manager will take quick action to find a worthy tenant for you.

Taylor Street Property Management provides a free rental pricing analysis. Call us now and we’ll brief you on our ways to help you attain your financial goals for your Mesa real estate investment. You can contact us at (602) 603 9777.

Our Property Management Services

Whether you need a marketing boost to attract tenants to your Mesa property, strategies to collect the rent promptly or structured financial reporting, Taylor Street Property Management can provide you with these services and more.

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Here are specific services that our clients benefit from when they team up with us:

1. Strategic Marketing of Your Rental Property

If you're struggling to attract quality renters, Taylor Street Property Management offers an effective marketing serivce for your rentals. Your property manager will assess the features and amenities present in your investment properties to know what to highlight. Then they will conduct a rent price analysis to come up with the optimal rent figure.

Once one of our property managers find the selling features, they'll begin to apply strategic marketing methods.

Taylor Street Property Management delivers an advertising campaign that brings in more prospective tenants. We take advantage of online platforms, multiple listing sites, traditional marketing and word-of-mouth. Our property managers are committed to ensuring that we create solid exposure to tackle the vacancy of your Mesa property.

2. Meticulous Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening is crucial, but it’s also a delicate procedure. One needs to be well-versed in the Fair Housing Act to respect the rights of the protected classes.

Taylor Street Property Management has firm screening standards for qualified tenants for your Mesa rentals. We’re also careful and accept tenants based on their rental history and background checks.

Background checks are essential to find out whether a potential renter is reliable when it comes to paying the rent on time. Our tenant screening process also measures the prospects’ suitability by checking their capacity to pay. This can easily be observed through the prospects’ credit scores, bankruptcy records or eviction records.

As much as possible, we aim for reliable individuals who have a favorable rental history.

3. Effective Rent Collection

If you’ve had problems with tenants who default on their rent payments, Taylor Street Property Management has a proven system of rent collection. We encourage tenants to pay online to ensure prompt payments.

mesa property management rent collection maintenance and tenant screening

We also monitor the rent payments closely and send reminders as our procedure uses regular notices for tenants. If things head south, we take care of the eviction route and follow up on leftover charges and the associated late fees.

We are committed to ensuring our clients peace of mind and one way to achieve this is through consistent rent collection!

4. Consistent Property Repairs & Maintenance

An important step of property management is ensuring that your investment properties are in good condiction. Your rental property is an asset we continuously take care of.

We aim for tenants to stay for the long-term. As such, Taylor Street Property Management is committed to ensuring a strict schedule in regard to property inspections, maintenance and repairs. We assess HVAC systems, as this can heavily affect the habitability of your investment property.

If we discover property damages, like leaks and clogged toilets, we set out to fix them right away. We get in touch with our reliable contractors fast since providing convenience and safety to the renters is one of our top priorities. In case emergencies are reported by tenants, we’re ready to provide the necessary support.

By conducting regular maintenance and repairs you can rest easy knowing that your investment properties are taken care of.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Taylor Street Property Management offers financial updates through an online portal. You’ll always be able to view your statements, receipts, expenses and profits online for your Mesa property.

Everything is laid out in detail and easily accessible. It’s also secure and private for the client. This helps you to stay on top of your rental business.

About Mesa, Arizona

Located east of Phoenix, Mesa is categorized as the 3rd largest city in Arizona next to Phoenix and Tucson. Mesa’s climate has hot summers paired with mild winters, making it easy to engage in an active outdoors lifestyle.

The top employers in Mesa are the following: Banner Health System, Mesa Public Schools, Boeing, Walmart, AT&T and the Home Depot among others.

Residents enjoy living in Mesa, Arizona for the affordable cost of living. Compared to the national average, it’s 5% lower. Families also enjoy the quality schools surrounding Mesa, giving their kids easy access to higher learning.

Besides that, Mesa’s superb transportation makes it convenient to travel around the city and neighboring suburbs. It has the Valley Metro Rail and Mesa Downtown Buzz. It’s also just 20 minutes away from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Here are interesting places to see in Mesa, Arizona:

  • Mesa Arts Center
  • Mesa Amphitheater
  • Golfland Sunsplash
  • Hohokam Stadium
  • Sloan Park

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Mesa, we are proud to serve the areas of Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Tempe.